Frugal flower ideas for January

If you are experiencing the January blues and missing the added sparkle that Christmas fairy lights brought to your house, pop out now to your latest petrol station and buy some flowers, because believe it or not, garage forecourt flowers are having a moment!

I spotted these carnations on the always lovely, flower stall outside Libertys. I had been secretly liking what seems like the most unstylish of flowers for while, but wasn’t quite sure how to use them. Seeing them displayed like this inspired me. It seems it’s all about colour and quantity, which is easily achievable, as they are so cheap.

You can also add in some other varieties of cheap flowers and maybe a couple of more expensive ones, but remember to use clashing colours and lots of them – it’s all about maximalist!

Floral display at Sainsburys homeware press day

Using a variety of vessels is also key to achieve maximum impact, mix different sizes, shapes and colours and group them together.

Floral display at Sainsburys homeware press day

Or alternativley use one colour and a variety of glass vessels. You can still use cheap flowers in large quantities.

We like these vintage milk bottles and apothecary jars from The Balcony Gardener.

For more ideas, check out my favourite Christmas present Vintage Flowers by Brotherson.


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