Frieze Fashion 2012: part one

Frieze Art Fair was twice as big this year, what with the new Masters section opening, so plenty of stylish art women to look at. Over the next couple of posts I’ll put up a mix of some of my favourite art and some of the best outfits I saw. Above, this enviously lanky gallery worker was wearing scarlet wide legged trousers from…M&S! I know! The trousers draped beautifully and the dash of red (worn with a crisp black shirt) looked fabulous against the art.

My favourite outfit of the day was this layered outfit of variegated greens and teals worn by this ultra stylish lass, her clothes came from vintage and designer locations across the globe (art girls can be very well travelled). I just loved the layers of colour and fabric texture and the touch of iridescence on her shoes, I may be missing a while I practice this myself….

Christopher Bramham, Frieze Masters

It’s hard to beat a gorgeous white shirt, this frilled one is perfectly teamed with the suede fringed jacket which adds the teeniest touch of cowboy. I love the frilled cuffs unbuttoned and pulled through.

Kaitag Embroidery from the Moshe Tabibnia gallery, Frieze Masters

Trophy trousers were everywhere, being art folk there were some amazing floral and geometric print combos…how wonderful is the orange floral outfit below?

Lovely colours here…the coral bracelet is a great highlight accessory. It also shows how a simple but perfectly tailored trouser in a bold colour goes a long way towards ‘stylish’.

Hans Hartung, Cheim & Read gallery, Frieze Masters

Below right is the esteemed eponymous gallery owner Victoria Miro, wearing both her hair and hemlines long. Teal blue-y green turned up in a number of interesting outfits this week. Also check out those abstract print tights worn with the check suit…love it.

Below, the woman on the left was a glorious assortment of textures and colours, but somehow she carried it off with aplomb -her earrings were a joy. And the gallery ladies from Masters were beautifully coordinated with their art. Again, love the interesting tights.

Paula Rego, The Fitting, Frieze Masters

Frieze Masters and Frieze London are now finished but for next years dates check info here


  • Lilac says:

    Lovely colours and prints. Living in the burbs has a muting effect on my dress, as soon as I go into town I instantly feel bolder. Why is that?

  • amanda says:

    Interesting Lilac, not sure but maybe because you see more people generally speaking, in town so you rise to the challenge of presenting yourself? Are you competitive at all? Ax

  • Mother Suburbia says:

    Ooooh, always love your pieces on the fashion from Frieze.
    Any idea where I can get the stripey tights & abstract orange shift?

  • Katy says:

    I always love these ‘real women wearing’ posts. They show amazing flair and style. More please. And thank you: I read your blog every day.

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