Halloween decorating inspiration

Images from Martha Stewart and Pinterest

We are huge fans of any occasion that allows you to go mad with a glue gun and food colouring and Halloween offers all sorts of showing off/house/food decorating opportunities.

Even though my teens are way past trick or treat days – thank the Lord, who really enjoys trailing round the local streets wearing a pair of devil horns and a hairy hand, wondering how you are going to hide all the hideous jelly sweets when you get home – I am more than happy to create a hideous house of horrors and use the hairy hand to distribute cheap sweets to the local small witches and ghouls.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as much of a Martha Stewart, there are all sorts of cheap and easy ways to create a fun spooky look for Halloween.

Instead of all that carving (don’t even think of using a “special” pumpkin carving tool – they don’t work) why not try painting some pumpkins and gourds. Use black paint or white paint on orange vege and find some black sticky dots from your local stationary shop to create a ‘Kusama does Halloween’ type vibe!

You could also try punching some spooky patterns in tin cans and painting them various shades of orange. Stick in a tea light and stand back and enjoy. Line them up along your window ledges and you’ll have the neighbours upping their game next year – Oh I do love a spot of competitive decorating!

If you need some tasty treats to take to a party, try these Halloween blondies (brownies without the chocolate) from Martha Stewart. Who knew Smarties could be so effective?

Another easy way to decorate the house is to buy lots of black sugar paper, blow up and print out the below shapes and cut out lots (more is more) of the shapes to stick all over the house. They’ll look great stuck all over your windows with lots of tea lights for maximum spooky effect.

You could also just stuff a pair of your best stripey/spotty tights and stick them in a pair of your most pointy, witchy shoes (what, doesn’t everyone have them knocking around the house?) and stick them in a flower pot.

Look out for some NY based pumpkin art from Amanda tomorrow……………….Happy Halloween


  • Zaggora Girl says:

    wow! Some amazing stuff! did you try doing any of these yourself?

  • mary zoll says:

    What is “black sugar paper”?
    Is it what we call tissue paper in the US?
    It all looks lovely.
    Warmest aloha from Maui,

  • suji says:

    OOh – looks amazing – what is that orange thing – is it a cake ? Is it made of icing ?

    I am still chuckling when i remember your jelly easter egg experience.

  • Mel says:

    That looks brilliant! Love the hallway with the bats. I’ll be using your fab clipart to make Halloween lanterns today. Thanks for sharing!

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