See this: Mariko Mori

If we have all survived the End of the World (which if you are reading this we clearly have) then its worth seeing Rebirth, the latest Royal Academy exhibition by Japanese artist Mariko Mori.

The opening was time to coincide with the 2012 winter solstice, which according to various ancient calendars will mark either the end of days or the birth of a new era.

Her first major solo show in London for 14 years celebrates  cycles of life, death and revival and our balance with nature, has a peaceful, New Age feeling and Mori hopes it will encourage visitors  “to slow down a bit from the pressures of modern life.”

Fascinated by Japanese Jomon culture and Celtic traditions, Mori mixes old and new, using digital technology in homage to ancient worlds. The resulting work uses paper, sculpture, photography, sound and immerse installations is breathtakingly beautiful.

Rebirth is at the Royal Academy until the 17th of February.



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