Keeping cosy with tea, knitting and Woman’s Hour

The delightful Woman's Hour tea cosy, as designed by Quinton Chadwick and True Brit Knits

The delightful Woman’s Hour tea cosy, as designed by Quinton Chadwick and True Brit Knits

I know everyone’s talking about spring clothes, but as I write this I am swathed in woolly jumpers and I have my Uniqlo heattech leggings on and the very last thing I’m thinking about is anything not made from a super-warm fibre. Also I’m drinking a lot of tea, as is Jane as she recuperates and if we’re talking tea, we should really talk tea cosies.

I meant to blog about this at the beginning of the year, but had a mature moment and completely forgot. For Woman’s Hour on Christmas Day, our friends over at Quinton Chadwick were asked to design and knit a Woman’s Hour celebration tea cosy. It is rather lovely, and the design is available on the Woman’s Hour website, for free, to download and customise as you wish. The pattern technicalities were sorted by True Brit Knits, run by knitting guru Belinda Boaden, who has promised to knit me one customised with a bowl of petunias (we are both devoted The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans).

Jane Chadwick, one half of the QC knitting design duo told us how the cosy came to be, ‘My business partner Jess- her friend works at the BBC – so when asked about getting a tea cosy made, she put us forward as she is a big fan of Quinton Chadwick knitwear and loves knitting so it all fell into place quite nicely !”

The pattern is available for a free download on the BBC radio 4 Woman’s Hour web site.

If you are in need of a warm winter knit, take a look at the Quinton Chadwick website and admire the lovely colourful gloves and scarves you could have had, if you had been a bit quicker (most have now sold out sadly, but they do have a couple of cardigans on sale). Failing that, you could always knit something, for that you need True Brit Knits, I am considering attempting the London Cowling cowl scarf…but can I knit it fast enough to beat this cold spell?


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