Blackboard inspiration for the TWR office space…

blackboard inspirationFor the last few months I’ve had the top left picture on my mood board for inspiration. I really love blackboards and things painted in blackboard paint, it seems such a useful idea on some bits of furniture. This bashed about cupboard is all the more charming for its unusual chalky narrative and I’ve been meaning to paint an old cupboard with blackboard paint to try and create this idea. I’ve not quite got around to it yet, but I hope to some time before the next millenium….

Last week I went to Barcelona for the day job and had a meeting in a wonderful space that featured blackboard painted walls and cupboards in a seriously stylish way. The space is run by Artichimbodli and is rentable for conferences or parties and is beautifully set out in one of those high ceilinged, gorgeous Spanish buildings that has patterned terracotta floors, balconies, glass floor-to-ceiling doors and a decorative old fashioned lift you’d sell an unpopular member of your family to own. Needless to say I photographed the hell out of it in order to share it with you.

When we’ve designed The Women’s Room collection, and opened The Women’s Room shop, we’re going to need an office, which will (obvs) be fabulously designed and lovely to work in. I think we may have to consider a few blackboard walls and cupboards to create the type of inspiring space Artchimboldi has created to work in. So to brighten your day, here’s a peek around the space…

blackboard appartThe floors were all made from original decorative terracotta tiles, each room having different patterns to keep you interested, they must be a cool relief in the hot summer months. The chairs were all random vintage odd balls with lots of character.

blackboard appt 02

PPThe furniture was vintage but useful rather than decorative, and the cupboards had been enhanced by a few layers of blackboard paint, it pulled the whole flat together in terms of look.

blackboard apartmentThe natural patina of the vintage wood looked really good against the blackboard walls, a bit of atmospheric lightening and the whole place lit up like an Elle Decoration feature.

blackboard appartmentI positively swooned over the liquid soap in a glass jar, dispensed with an old medicine pipette, how fab is that? I know it’s ridiculously contrived but it’s neat and I’m implementing it here at home as soon as I can score a large pippet off of eBay…

appartment 06

blackboard appart 04The lift was a dream, a little bevelled glass box trimmed in polished brass that travelled up and down this central caged bit (left) and the front door was more decorative wood, brass and terracotta flooring with a black board wall you could write friendly greetings on…

blackboard appart 03So when you come and visit us in our TWR offices, it might look a little like this, in our dreams…..

Should you be a Barcelona resident and in need of conference space, I’d urge you to look at Artchimboldi, it’s the nicest office space I’ve seen in ages.

PS, also noticed this weekend that the stylish Amanda Brookes from I Love Your Style was talking smart office space…clearly a January trend…


  • kate w says:

    yes! yes! yes! to everything. the paint, the pipette ( I refuse to believe it’s any more contrived than a plastic pump dispenser and if anything it’s more hygienic therefore justified). I’m now thinking on painting my small and white painted and very scuffed front door lobby with the blackboard paint, cluttered as it is with whiteboard kids reminders…

  • Amanda says:

    go for it Kate! Ax

  • Anna says:

    Love blackboards – am planning one for my kitchen. I am v jealous of your Barcelona meeting – I work for a council and have to meet in horrid ‘cupboard’ sized rooms that leak in the rain! xx

  • Monix says:

    Fabulous photos – those amazing floors, the grey dried flowers in the vase and the gray chairs just make this a room that encourages creativity – sigh. Can’t help thinking…were these rooms cold? Totally going to steal the pipette idea – no more slimy soap dishes.

  • Amanda says:

    M, since it gets so hot in Barcelona I think the cool floors serve a summer-purpose…altho it was cold last week and the rooms were lovely and warm. Anna, believe me this was a highlight in terms of conference locations for me too! Ax

  • I SO want an office like the last picture! And no clutter!

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