It’s all about the brows!

Chanel and Marc Jacobs

Chanel A/W 2012/13 and Marc Jacobs S/S 13

It started with the sequined brow from Chanel for A/W 2012/13 and before you could say Denis Healey, the Spring Summer catwalks 2013 were awash with bushy brows.

‘It’ girl and model of the moment Cara Delevingne has the perfect to die for brows and honestly, what’s not to love about this look, at any age – well maybe not the sequins!

Cara eyebrows

Cara Delevingne

Having always been a fan of a strong eyebrow, the 80’s were the my brow nirvana. A time when girls didn’t shave or wax every single hair from their bodies (don’t get me started) strong brows equalled strong women and my browspiration of the time included Sade, Anabella Lwin, Lizzie Tear and of course Siouxsie Sioux. 

Eyebrow IconsSadly if you over plucked your eye brows when you were younger (as I keep telling the teen, who has perfect bushy brows, but insists on plucking them) as you get older they seem to suddenly decide not to grow anymore – what’s that all about?

I asked beauty guru, make up artist, writer and feminist (she’s one of us) Kay Montano if there was anything we could do about this.

She suggested Rapid Brow Enhancing Serum by the same people who make Rapid Lash Enhancing Serum (which really works). She says “you have to be patient, it doesn’t show for a month and you must put it every night, but it really is great”. She also suggests the Autograph High Definition Eyebrow Pencil from M&S (she really rates the M&S beauty dept ) and the Diego Dalla Palma Eyebrow Fixer, also from M&S.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting them all!

Check out Kay’s brilliantly inspiring blog.


  • Maddy says:

    I plucked mine as a teenager , regretted it and now have to use a pencil, you have to be very sure that you don’t do it too severely. I use a Rimmel one but am up for trying M&S. I have also used a kit that was wonderful but very expensive. Oh and its a pain when your brows start going grey, just do not pluck,the consequences are dire!.

  • Jane says:

    Are you listening to Maddy young people?
    J x

  • Steffi says:

    My mother and her aunt used to swear by mashed up banana. Mash and spread ladies for an even regrowth…. If you try it do let me know if it works!

  • Sue says:

    I’d almost forgotten about Sade.She must be one of the chic-est women ever.And lovely brows.I have mine tidied up at Vaishaly to stop me looking too unhinged.

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