Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberating collection

yves saint laurant forever youth liberator

Goodness me, this is good. When the nice people at YSL sent us the Foundation to trial, they also put in a pot of Forever Youth Liberator Night Creme and a jar of Active Serum. Now I’ll be honest with you, I would never have thought to buy a night cream from Yves Saint Laurent and I doubt I’d have paid £60 without knowing anything about it, however I have been using it for about a month (it launched in January this year) and I can see a difference.

I’ve been using both the serum (£61) and the night cream (£60) and I must say, there is a softness and gentle dewy-ness to my skin that I could get used to. Of course it doesn’t make me look younger and I want to laugh out loud at the beauty-speak name of ‘Forever Youth Liberator’ but if you can get over that and you perhaps want to treat yourself, then think about this.

Is it worth the money? Who knows, I am looking at a very science-loaded press release that natters on about GlycanactifTM and pillow wrinkles and regenerative cell action that happens between midnight and 1.00am (who knew?) You and I know this is could be all gobbledygook or every written word might be true….either way, all you really need to know is this made my skin look better and people have commented on how good my skin looks.

I think that if you have not used anything on your skin for a while and it needs a boost, perhaps after the winter stagnation, then a pot each of these lovelies might be a feel-good investment. And once again, the pots are SO glamourous, I could get very used to them….

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