Gudrun Sjodens opens in New York’s SoHo

gudrun 01The influence of Scandinavian design continues its spread across the globe with the opening this month of Swedish designer Gudrun Sjödéns’ new eco-friendly Green Store on SoHo’s Greene Street, New York, the brand’s first in the US… this post is for all our New York readers

Now, we love Gudrun, you may remember we went to her London store opening and what ever you feel about her layered, bohemian style (it’s not for everyone) you’ve got to credit her with making the world a more colourful, cheerful place in which to live. You can’t be miserable in a Gudrun shop, colour and pattern bounce off the walls and floors, flowers and vintage furniture are strategically placed to wow you and she seems to employ only cheerful sales staff. I feel Greene Street is going to be a much more jolly place once the store opens its doors on March 5th. .

The images above and below are from the SS/13 range, for those who aren’t familiar with her style, Gudrun (pictures second left below, with the cool pistachio green glasses) uses bold print and colour combinations for simple separates and dresses, often in a fine cotton which are great to wear in hot weather. There are also homewares and dress/home furnishing fabrics.

She has a devoted following amongst all ages and is one of Sweden’s most successful clothes brands (and she’s competing with H&M remember).  She’s designed the Greene Street store herself using the brand’s sustainable retail credentials to make her eco footprint as light as possible. By coincidence I have been in New York this week and have been wrapped up in layers of down against the bitterly cold weather and my observation is that New Yorkers resort to dark colours -mostly black -for this purpose, I have seen very little colour this week (apart from when I went into the J Crew store) So I feel Gudrun is going to create quite an impact with her store.

gudrun 03



  • Melissa says:

    Thank you for sharing this. What a relief and pleasure to see women off all shapes and ages modeling envionmentally-respectful clothes. These are the kinds of designers to celebrate and promote – creative professionals with an inclusive, generous view of fashion and its wearers, and with an accurate (honorable) sense of their responsibilites on our beautiful planet.

  • Monix says:

    Good luck to Gudrun with this, but I suspect New York would be really tough to crack with this style – maybe San Francisco would have been an easier start – but as the song goes “if you make it there, you can make it anywhere”…

  • amanda says:

    Good point Monix, we can SO see Gudrun in San Fran and Melissa, we agree, it’s fantastic to see all shapes ages and sizes in an uplifting fashion shot, she really is leading the way in sustainabilty issues too. A

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