Something for Mothers Day? Tiny Furniture

Girls is officially my absoloute favourite TV programme at the moment,  I’ll be absoloutely bereft when it ends and I’m more than a little obsessed with Lena Dunham, in a totally inaproptriate way for a woman of my age.

Lena Dunham made her first film Tiny Furniture in 2009 when she had recently graduated from college. It follows Aura (played by Dunham, who at the time of filming in the autumn of 2009 was also a recent university graduate) as she returns to her family’s loft in Tribeca (Lena’s real home), which she shares with her artist-photographer mother Siri (played by Dunham’s real artist-photographer mum, Laurie Simmons) and her overachieving younger sister Nadine (the director’s actual younger sibling, Grace Dunham). It also features Jemima Kirke, who went onto play Jessa in Girls and Alex Karpovsky, who plays Ray.

It’s hilarious, painfully honest account of relationships between friends, sisters and mothers and daughters and made me laugh out loud and a little bit sad. One to watch with your best friend, sister, daughter, or even your mum – depending how open minded she is…….

You can download it on itunes or buy it on Amazon.

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  • Osnat says:

    Thanks for excellent recommendation, in need of some good quirky chick flicks for this time of year….like the way trailer starts with a big Shalom! Xx

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