We love: Sali Hughes’s new beauty website

Oh joy! this is how we like our beauty advice- intelligent, real and stonkingly funny, at least as far as the Caitlin Moran interview, conducted while sat on the loo in her bathroom, is concerned (love her tights drying on the towel rail).

Sali Hughes’s newly launched beauty website is a great source of advice with a strong point of view on all things cosmetic. You may know Sali from her regular gig as The Guardian’s beauty expert. She’s good, properly honest, with just enough bossy-ness in her tone to make you want to try harder and do better.

The interview with our favourite feminist Ms Moran is genius. Those of you who stalk the writings of Lucy Mangan might look out for her little feature and there are articles promised from India Knight, Michael Hogan and Bim Adewunmi. Bookmark it under ‘essential reading’.

Sali Hughes beauty


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  • lorna says:

    Pity the website is so hard to navigate . I gave up after 5 mins trying to get round it and into its features which looked tantalisingly good but frustratingly elusive also there are so many pop-ups and cookies on it which was a real turn off.
    It’s over designed . Simple clear navigation such as your excellent site would win more loyalty.

  • Amanda says:

    Yes it’s a bit clunky, but the content is good, did we all see the Babyliss curling machine? A

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