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Who’s old enough to remember the 80’s trend involving large jewelled brooches attached to the lapel of an oversize blazer with huge shoulder pads (think Melanie Griffith in Working Girl), or attached to the top button of a poly viscose blouse /shirt with equally giant shoulder pads? My flat mate at the time, was so addicted to shoulder pads, she even had them in her dressing gown – which just about sums the 80’s up!

1989 was probably the last time I wore any oversize costume jewellery, as I’m not a huge fan, unless of course it’s a large Marniesque necklace or ring which adds to my slightly scary, textile lecturer style statement.

Costume Jewellery 2

Gucci from Net -A-Porter

The current trend for oversize statement costume jewellery however is ticking my fashion boxes as it is more fun than simply being about how much money you’ve spent  – which is maybe why I don’t usually like jewellery.

More is more and the idea is to dress up an otherwise casual outfit with a huge fun OTT necklace, bangle or ring. My absoloute favourite is the Gucci one above – but it’s £2,200 and sold out – so that’s the end of that little fantasy!

J Crew

J Crew

J Crew (obvs) have a great range, which isn’t cheap, but is of course perfect.

J Crew costme jewellery

J Crew

J Crew jewells

J Crew

I had high hopes for Anthropologie, as this is the kind of look they do so well. But I could only find one (gorgeous) necklace online. There are probably lots more in store, so it’s worth a look.


Anthropologie and Lanvin from Net-A-Porter

Net-A-Porter have a great selection – I particularly like Tom Binns, but again they are not cheap. The high street are a little slow to jump on this trend, but I have high hopes for  lots of fabulous Top Shop versions coming soon.

Or alternatively, check out vintage shops and fairs for lovely old versions of this look.

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