Fragranced clothes: perfume is finding new places to go…

home-perfumeFragrance houses are starting to make eyes at your clothes…you thought they were perfectly OK with regular washing and a dash of Comfort in the rinse to make ’em smell a bit less ‘laundry’, but they have other ideas. Home fragrances are nothing new, but what is interesting is how big fragrance brands are breaking into the market, upscaling products and aiming specifically at the inside of your wardrobes.

Firstly Jo Malone London, one of our favourite perfume houses, which is really taking home fragrance seriously with limited editions of its Scent Surround home products. The home fragrance Scent Surround range launched in ernest last year, I love the padded hangers infused with the just launched English Pear and Freesia fragrance which are a dream to hang in your wardrobe. My nan used to make fabulous crocheted padded hangers which I still have but she didn’t think to infuse them with perfume. A box of two of these at £40 would make a really great present for any neat-freak who kept their wardrobe in good order. The range features scented drawer liners and scent sachets too -posh versions of old favourites but it’s the hangers I think are properly useful. The fragrance is sweetly gorgeous.

Then we have Eau de Lingerie by Guerlain, launched exclusively at Harrods this February at £60 a bottle, a fragrance which lightly combines iris, musk and vanilla to ‘create a new beauty ritual’ according to the brand, whereby you scent your lingerie with a quick spritz of this before you put it on….as if we didn’t have enough grooming to do. My first reaction was ‘another excuse to buy perfume!’ but this is clearly WRONG… do we need another perfume ritual? And scenting our knickers, for heaven’s sake! It’s clearly brand expansion by the fragrance house to sell us another product.

And yet I already (sort of) do this…

No clothes get inside my wardrobe without a blast of Angela Flander’s French Moth Herb Wardrobe Spray to keep away moths, I know it wont kill them but I do think it helps keep them away and I love the way it smells. It’s also extremely efficient at helping vintage clothes lose that distinctly musty smell they all get (why do all vintage clothes end up smelling the same?) so it’s multi tasking and (I think) serving a practical purpose. Angela also does her own Linen perfumes (as does Jo Malone) which are based on the tradition of scenting laundry that dates back for centuries, so it’s not so far from this to scenting your lingerie really.

Do you need a fragrance to scent your clothes? Are your pants in need of a perfume? What do you think?




  • Gillian Taylor says:

    I don’t scent my knickers but can see this is def a good thing and will have to start immediately! As for padded hangers – love them and now have all my woollies hanging on them! Talking of strange things to scent my daughter owns Headmasters in East Sheen and often gets the latest trends in hair care products to try and passed on to me Hair Perfume! It is very strange and smells as if you are wearing a simply enormous amount of hairspray! Not sure this will catch on!

  • Amanda says:

    Not sure I like the sound of that Gillian, I also found scented loo paper at The Gilbert Scott bar last week, I DID like that though…..A

  • Leanne says:

    Is scented loo paper and fragranced knickers healthy for you? I wonder if it could throw the natural balance of things out of whack.

  • Amanda says:

    Entirely possible I suspect Leanne, although with 4 men in my house, I’m quite liking the sound of fragranced loo paper…Ax

  • Gillian Taylor says:

    I have just the thing for this boy problem – from that lovely company A.P.C Gouettes Anti-odour de Merde or in plain English Post-poo Drops! They contain Tangerine peel, ylang ylang and mandarin peel! The description on the bottle is hilarious – In instances where vigorous activity has occurred in the bathroom dispense several drops of the carefully crafted Aesop product into the bowl after flushing! Expensive but does the trick!

  • Anna says:

    No perfume for my pants thanks – I agree it could upset the natural balance. Surely this is the odour version of a vajazzle!

  • Amanda says:

    ha ha Anna! that’s my favourite quote of the day! A

  • Tiffany says:

    I’m a bit old-fashioned – lavender bags in my underwear drawer will do for me. Also, when I get given a soap (like Chanel No. 5) with perfume, I stash it (still wrapped, of course) in the drawer until I want to use it. Much the same thing, I suppose, just cheaper :) And I’m with Anna re spraying perfume on smalls …

  • Eve says:

    No no this is the wrong way around – I want my life to smell MORE like laundry not less. – I lurve the smell of fresh laundry, if only it could be bottled

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