Go See This: Claire Aho at the Photographers’ Gallery

claire aho photographer's galleryIt’s becoming quite clear Jane and I are going to have to become Scandinavian, we fall in love with almost everything the area throws at us (recent love = wellies). I have a new Skandi-girl-crush on photographer Claire Aho, whose work is currently on show at the Photographers’ Gallery in London.

Ms Aho, who was born in 1925 and now lives in Stockholm, is Finnish and came to prominence as a photographer during the highpoint of Finnish design influence during the 50s with her work in advertising and fashion. She is particularly admired for her work with pattern, form and colour and the dialogue she creates between them in her images. I love the fact that everyone looks as if they are having a fun time.

claire aho photographers gallery 02As well as exhibiting her images, the Photographers’ Gallery is also selling prints, for the first time ever it seems, of her work. If you like her style, you might like to check out the website for ClaireAho.com  and look at the images from her major retrospective, held in Helsinki in 2011. Below is Claire as she is now and as she looked in 1958, she has a sparkle of fun in her eyes, doesn’t she?

claire aho portrait

claire aho againNothing new in eye flicks…this image is from the 50s. And isn’t it great to see happy models?

claire ahoApparently Claire Aho worked from her own studio and was in complete control of every aspect of the shoots, from building sets, creating the right atmosphere and recruiting models and I think you can see her humour and charm just shine through…no skinny, underfed girls in tiny bikinis here….

claire aho photographer's gallery 04

There are so many great shots I had to hold myself back from putting them all up.

claire aho lingerieThe exhibition is on at the Photographers’ Gallery -which is free to enter – from now until 21st July 2013. Nip in on your next visit to Oxford Circus, it’s just around the corner from Liberty and COS.

claire aho 00

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