Five things to buy at Jaeger’s Boutique Gallery


Goat highlighter pink dress, left and Charlotte Taylor’s printed silks, right

Last week the weather got warm enough for me to think about spring clothes and this sartorial urge gave me an excuse to visit the new Boutique Gallery space at the Jaeger store in Regent Street. I’d read about this new, grown up space over at That’s Not My Age; it sounded lovely, a chilled out spot where you could browse the clothes and accessories, have a free cup of coffee while sitting on the 60s style sofas and read the odd Taschen or Assouline book from the library. There’s a bit of beauty from the likes of Neom and Abhana. Don’t like Jaeger clothes? No problem because the retailer has brought in an edited selection of British designers to sit along side the Jaeger Boutique range (although the main Jaeger range is looking better this season) .

As well as enjoying the calm, easy to shop space I really LOVED these additional brands and discovered a couple I didn’t know about. Here’s our pick of the very best styles.

charlotte taylor single dressFirst up this beautiful summer dress at £335 from Charlotte Taylor. Yes, I know it hasn’t got sleeves and it has a waist and it wont suit anyone who isn’t slim-ish and it’s hardly cheap, but if you can fit into it go immediately and buy it, because it is utterly beguiling. The fabric is fab quality, it’s an intense print and the dress is slightly quilted which feels nicely supportive when worn and the hem falls nicely just at the knee. I appreciate the shape is limiting but if you like Charlotte’s colourful style (the top right image shows her printed silks), check out the alternative and slightly more forgiving shapes on her website.

studio nicholsonSecondly Studio Nicholson….Again designer Nick Wakeman is a new British name, after working in the industry for years she set up her brand in 2010, but this is the first time I’ve seen the clothes close up and I loved them. The over sized shirt (£257), above, is made from another of those lush silk fabrics you want to stroke. The shape is slouchy-androgynous and so comfortable, I bought one in cream and it’s possible I may live in this all summer.

studio nicholson 02And then the trousers (£240)…oh these are lovely…slouchy round the hips, comfy and slim-legged although not tight at all, cropped just above the ankle. The fabric is a satin backed viscose and drape-y with attitude-pockets you can plunge your hands into. These will drift nicely between smart and casual days and made me wonder why I bother with jeans. I might end up buying two pairs.

orla kiely trousersIf I hadn’t already spent my entire budget on Studio Nicholson, I would have been seriously tempted by these crisply neat Orla Kiely capri trousers (£238) in a witty navy and white ‘Come Fly With Me’ airplane print. These are a beautiful fit, tailored but roomy due to a slight stretch, and the fabric is comfortably robust -essential if you are having a busy summer charging about. The print made me smile, it’s cute but in a grown-up way. There’s quite a bit of Orla’s range in the store, if -like us- are fans of her clothes.

jaeger blouseAnd finally a pretty cotton top from the Jaeger Boutique range in white broderie anglaise (£99)..well you know how I am with lace fabric and this was a good quality one in a simple cut with good length sleeves…the frill might not be to everyone’s taste but it’s not too girly at all, it felt a bit 60s-chic. It worked well over the Orla trousers and on hot summer days I think it would be a lovely cool option.

jaeger01So that’s our Jaeger Boutique gallery pick, unfortunately you have to go to the individual designer websites to buy (if you are not visiting) as Jaeger isn’t set up to sell the ranges on its own website -perhaps that will come later. The whole Regent Street store is getting a makeover this year, so perhaps there’s more grown-up selling to come from the brand. I hope so, this second floor space is definitely going on my regular places to shop list.

Jaeger Boutique Gallery is at 200-206 Regent Street, on the second floor.



  • I went in a couple of weeks ago to have a look and was in there AGES stroking the books, candles, etc. The service was fab, lovely friendly lady, not at all pushy, just chatty and knowledgable. I didn’t buy anything but love the idea of just going to hang out on the couch with a coffee. Not sure that is conducive to their business plan though…

  • Amanda says:

    I agree about the service, I was really impressed with how knowledgeable the staff were…and it WILL be good for business eventually because it will encourage re-visits and investment purchases….Ax

  • Monix says:

    You’re so right about the service aspect Amanda – years ago when I used to travel monthly to Chicago the sales person in Eileen Fisher used to personally email me weekly with new items that came in my colours and size and despite not needing say another silk t shirt I bought another one and maybe a raincoat too. Would be fabulous if that service ethos came here (love that silk blouse btw)

  • It’s good isn’t it? Disney & me are making it our new meeting place!

  • Amanda says:

    Eileen Fisher service is amazing, although I don’t think the UK service is as good, I’m wondering if we could organise some kind of flash-mob shopping event for all us bloggers and readers…could be fun? A

  • Monix says:

    The service is deffo not as good – especially as I feel so resentful as to how much more expensive the goods are compared to the US. Whenever I whine (as I do) they tell me “it’s the exchange rate, don’t forget the sales tax, it costs more to ship”, all true but the shopping experience there does not add up to those high prices.
    Err.. Amanda… What’s a “flash – mob” please? I’m sure to be in…

  • Amanda says:

    A flash mob is where a group of people all get together in an open public space -like a train station concourse or park -and do something completely unexpectedly. Usually it’s dancing….so you might connect on facebook or twitter with like minded people who all come together at this one place at a certain time and dance….with their headphones on so you can’t hear the music….it’s fun. We don’t need to dance, but we could if we wanted, I was thinking maybe meet, chat and eat cake? A

  • Ayshea says:

    Really pleased that you all like the space! I have been responsible for launching the concept and am delighted with all the positive comments. We are planning a bloggers breakfast in a few weeks to preview the AW13 collection which I’m very excited about. We’ve got lots of new brands that we will be introducing and I am currently on the hunt for more for SS14. We’ll be in touch regarding the date for the bloggers breakfast, I’m keen to meet you personally and hear your views over a coffee and cake. Ax

  • Stella says:

    Hello – don’t suppose you know where the animal print slippers the model is wearing in the slouchy trousers shot do you? Saw them on someone in town and have been hunting in vain ever since. Thanks

  • Amanda says:

    Stella no I don’t but I’ll keep my eyes open and get back to you if I find ’em…Ax

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