Hydracotton Towels from The White Company

white co towels

Having interviewed The White Company recently on its lovely bedlinen, I’m now seriously into revamping my domestic textile investments. It’s amazing how long you can go without changing your towels….so long in fact that you can completely miss new and exciting technical developments. At the recent White Company press show, the bedlinen buyer Vanessa told me about Hydracotton and made me feel the super soft and super light hydratowels launched recently. oh my goodness they are soft….designed to appeal to kids and mums who might want a softer, lighter fluffy towel, I can say with authority that they are fabulous on older skin too.

The clever bit is in the twist, Vanessa mentioned that the yarn is twisted to create a hollow centre, which both lightens the towels and makes them absorb moisture quickly. They are fab, come in neutral as well as white and are worth considering if you need to change your towels.

Buy here.

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