Damask Rose Petal Spray from The Herbal Dispensary

rose pteal stuff

When the heat comes back (This Thursday apparently) you might like to consider investing in a small bottle of this lovely rose water spray to keep you cool, specially if you have to travel by tube or bus. You spray it all over your face and exposed skin and the fine rosy mist makes you feel a teeny bit cooler. It works quite well on menopausal hot flushes too.

I discovered it when down in deepest Pembrokeshire recently at The Herbal Dispensary, which is full of good advice and excellent natural remedies. The pharmacy doesn’t have a website you can buy from but if you phone them up they will happily send you some through the post. I am a big fan of the flu and cough mix too. The rose water spray costs £5.00 and is quite addictive.

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