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muji aroma

It’s possible I’m telling you all to suck eggs with this wonderful Muji aroma diffuser, do you all already have one? Quite possibly, as they are not new. However, just in case you don’t know about the amazing, steamy mist of fragranced loveliness this efficient machine delivers, please pay attention.

The diffuser is the best way I have found to fragrance your home, with essential oils of your choosing. Fragrance candles are all very well, but it’s a bit like burning £10 notes before your very eyes and the reed diffusers are excellent at one particular smell, but the diffuser gives you the flexibility to pick and choose your fragrance, as well as delivering a steamy hydrating mist to soften up your room’s atmosphere. I knew I’d bought well when two out of three sons tried to move the machine from the hallway to their bedrooms because they liked the smell.

Pictured is the large machine, which works for big spaces, but bedrooms will be fine with the smaller size (which I’ve now had to buy for the boys’ rooms). I use Neal’s Yard essential oils in mine, but any brand will work. The only boring bit is filling up the machine with water when it runs out, which is where the bigger one works well, as once you start with these, you’ll want them on all the time. Buy the big one at £69 here and the smaller one at £45 here

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