Ankle socks for the over 40’s?

Ankle Socks

Lucinda Chambers and Consuelo Castiglioni

As you know, we always encourage our readers to dress exactly as they please – age appropriate or otherwise. Who are we to judge  – although Carole Vordeman might want to think about moving away from the bandage dresses at some point soon and I draw the line at Onesies!

As M&S’s new “thing” is all about dressing independent women who know what they want (maybe they have been listening to us), and we are very independent women, I feel it’s my duty to draw your attention to a ridiculously inappropriate trend, that requires you to dress like a five year old.

I first saw this look while stalking Lucinda Chambers at Fashion week. Anywhere Lucinda is, I will be lurking somewhere in the background, taking style notes. She was wearing head to toe Marni (not that I was looking closely!) accesorised with a pair of ankle socks and kitten heels.

Consuelo Castiglioni (Marni designer) and Miuccia Prada are also fans of an ankle sock, both on themselves and the catwalk,  so seeing Lucinda (like I know her) in them, confirmed this as a must try look.

Skirt length and shoe shape are crucial to getting this right. Skirts must be either just below the knee or mid calf and don’t try it with culottes or city shorts (as seen below) as this could look a bit Arkela, or public schoolboy on his first day at Charterhouse.

Shoes should be very obvioulsy fashionable in order to give the impression you know what you are doing – a pair of the latest Sophia Webster kitten heels and a nude ankle sock, says new seasons fashionista – not nan wearing pop socks with her slippers!

It is possible to wear ankle socks and flats, but the flats should be restricted to brogues, Dr Martins or chunky creeper styles, anything more delicate is in danger or looking too five year old in a party outfit.

I realise this look isn’t for everyone and could perceived as “tricky”. After all not everyone lives in an urban environment where the general public will “get it”-  particularly on a 50 year old.

I however, am undeterred and will be pairing my fluorescent pink socks with my kitten heels and to Hell with the consequences. Fashion is after all, fun and I simply wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t get a few odd looks every day!

Ankel Socks


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