Give a business for Christmas: My Showcase

Nancy and Kate My ShowcaseWomen empowering other women to run their own businesses is the future; women understand the need for flexibility, can sell convincingly to other women and support each other in a way that men can only dream of.

My Showcase is one such company, set up by the founder of, entrepreneur Nancy Cruickshank and Telegraph beauty Editor Kate Shapland to create flexible opportunities for women to run a beauty business from home. They believe that buying and discovering beauty products should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone and women selling to other women is the perfect way to do this.

The company works in two ways, you can simply log onto the My Showcase website, which has over 22 brands for sale. The products have been curated using Kate Shapland’s extensive industry knowledge and feature well known brands such as Neom, Balance Me, Nicky Clarke and Face Stockholm and lesser known secret finds, such as Sage LA, Connock London or the recently launched Gentleman’s Tonic.

Kate champions small brands with an interesting story to tell – all of which are featured on the site and in the catalogue. My favourite is Aurelia Probiotic Skincare. The Miracle Cleanser and Night Moisturiser are amazing!

Aurelia 2You can also become a My Showcase Stylist, which is a flexible way to run a beauty business from home. Think Avon meets Space NK.

For £199 stylists receive a starter kit of £500 worth of best-selling beauty products and enough training, advice and business support to enable them to host  showcases either at home, online or at work. The idea is that it’s easier to chat with friends, ask questions and try out products in a more relaxed environment and the Stylist can introduce the brands and explain the benefits and uniqueness of the products. Customers can then either buy at these events or via the website. Stylists then earn commission on what they sell – simple.

My Showcase StylistsThis is a great idea for beauty junkies who fancy trying their hand at selling, women who may want to return to work after children, or anyone who wants to try something different to their day job. I thought of buying it for my teenage daughter for Christmas, as she wants to work in the beauty industry and it would be a great way to get started.

Nancy and Kate are passionate about what they do, the brands they bring on board and their desire to empower women. They are thoroughly convincing when they talk about their business and unlike so many other beauty sites their choice of brands is a great mix of aspirational and unique, without being super expensive.

Christmas gift My ShowcaseTake a look at the site for some great Christmas gift ideas, such as the Gift of Nails – a subscription service which buys the present of a new nail polish every month, for either 6 months (£80) or a year (£150). You can choose from either trend-led, or classic colours.

Or you might fancy pointing your other half in the direction of The Ultimate Beauty Gifts, which includes curated selections of Nancy and Kate’s favourite products and range from £40, to the ultimate selection for £250.


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