Buy Now, Wear Now clothes from Winser London (and some understated glamour)

navy winserWe’re on the never ending cycle of press days for Summer 2014 here on planet fashion… just as we start to think about adding a warm vest to our daily dressing, your hardworking TWR reporters have to think about printed cottons and gold patent flip flops. The whole idea that we swap wardrobes with seasonal precision is daft, what with our current temperatures soaring and sinking so unpredictably. There’s a real mood in the business, for clothes that can be placed in front of the customer just when they want to buy it, rather than three months to early or late.

Which is why Winser London looks so appealing, you may remember  we mentioned this very wearable range when it launched earlier this year and the press day gave us a chance to catch up with how things were going and to see the range up close up. It really is lovely, with beautiful fabrics, an eye for detail and a promise to provide wearable clothes all year around, when you need them.

Founder Kim WInser told us this week that the aim of her range is to be consistent throughout the seasons, with best sellers being carried over and more styles added where a fabric / shape has proved popular. Kim said customers have come back for more on the silk shirting, the cashmere (particularly the Audrey shape) and anything the pont de roma fabric that the miracle dresses, skirts and trousers come in (I have the cut off black trousers in this fabric, they are extremely versatile and flattering and I’m considering the pencil skirt in it too).

Being a digital company, customer feed back has been easy to capture and act upon quickly, with a shorter trench being added, shorter trousers lengths for those under 5 ft 4, and more styles in popular fabrics.

winser 077For me the range is just easy and there’s an elegance and understated glamour to the cut and styling that might make a very nice alternative to blingy event and party dressing (although we always love a bit of bling). I love the maxi skirt worn with these lovely lace knits (from £95)..I can see that being a really flexible knit top….

winser 09Interestingly, Kim says that whenever she is out meeting people, women want to know what they should where and how they should style it, so the lay out of the website has tried to simplify the whole styling conversation in order to be helpful. The wool coat, (£250) above left, looks just as chic in real life as it does in the image (you can have it made full length if you want to max-up the glamour levels) and the clean white shirt  (£95) beside it has a jersey back…I loved the thought behind the detail, imagine how comfortable it’s going to be to wear and comfort is the first building block to confidence.

winser 01I love this type of tiny detail…another one here on the tie wrap that matched the Lauren blouse (£225), it fastens onto the shirt with buttons that disappear into the collar. I am very keen on the midnight version (top image) which looks gorgeously low-key glamour worn with the wide legged trousers (£150) in black.

Also, for those of you who’ve been to see Pearls at the V&A and were wondering where to buy a simple thread of proper Chanel-style cultured pearls (ahem, me) then Winser also do  small but well priced range.

winder 02Back to the non-blingy party dressing, I think the below red lace top (£200) is fabulous, the lace is very soft and gently stretchy and would party-fy jeans nicely, or the over-sized sexy silk blouse £165, would make you feel fabulous due to the fabric and worn over slim legged trousers -perhaps in a bright satin or patterned like we mentioned here..would ooze classy Christmas chic. And there’s still room for a knock your eyes out statement necklace too…

Winser London website here. seasonal stock available at all times.

winser 08


  • Monix says:

    Totally agree with you Amanda, I have about a dozen Winser pieces ( though unlike you,
    I found the ponte fabric rather too synthetic and unflattering). The knitwear is particularily good value with great styling. I wish Ms Winser every success, she certainly listens to her customers.

  • Amanda says:

    Good to hear Mon, I think it helps that her design team are all grown up women too, so they’ve got years of experience behind them too…Ax

  • une femme says:

    Darn, they still don’t ship outside the UK…

  • amanda says:

    Hmm are you listening Kim? #shipping A

  • Leanne says:

    So beautiful and grown up!

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