Great use of older models by jewellery designer Zorya

jewellry one We mentioned last week the fab film by The Future Lab, which highlights how the beauty industry is being very slow to realise that using older models in their marketing campaigns might be no bad thing, since, y’know, there are quite a few of us.

Well, don’t get us started on fashion, where the absolute terror of mentioning that a brand’s clothes might look good on anyone with a wrinkle still haunts industry executives, fearful of alienating the ‘youth factor’.

So we were thrilled to see the Czech based design duo that make up Zorya positively embrace a few beautiful grown up women in their campaign for its jewellery range this season. Don’t they look great? I am much more likely to buy something, anything, from a brand that uses beautiful models closer to my age because it feels like they’ve thought about me and what I might want.

It’s not rocket science, is it?

So here’s today’s thought for day- as a grown up woman (or man, obvs) are you more likely to buy something from a brand or store if they use inspirational images of older women to show their product? Or are you fine with using your imagination to figure out if it’s something that might look good on a person older than your daughters? Do let us know.

zorya-braceltAlso, nice jewellery, Zorya!

zorya-02I love this image below….

zorya-handNo airbrushing here, thank you.

zoyra-long-hairDo let us know what you think about using older models, perhaps we might make progress if brands read what we really think!



  • hayley says:

    It is a no brainer! I am much more likely to buy something with timeless appeal. That’s harder to visualise when modelled on a teenager. Love this move towards older models – am feeling empowered and confident and attractive at the age of 46…..keep up your great work in this area.

  • Katy says:

    Absolutely spot on! I am put off by the teenage stick insects that are predominantly used to sell me clothes. I’m sure that there is a place for them on the catwalks of high fashion but if you want to sell to the ‘average’ woman images like the ones here work for me. I’m in my 40’s and find these beautiful stylish images very inspiring.

  • Amanda says:

    Good to know it’s not just us Hayley and Kate, and the words inspiring and empowering ring very true to me too. Are you listening brands? A

  • Sandy says:

    I recently turned 61. Yes, my hair is gray, and my body not quite as ‘toned’ as it used to be, but I still love fashion. However, I prefer more age -appropriate very stylish clothing that Chico’s here in the US has rather than all the trendy styles catering to the 20 somethings-been there done that. I love the use of ‘older women’ as models-we are still a BIG market that should not yet to be forgotten by the fashion industry. There are a lot of us ‘boomers’ out there, and we still have a need for nice looking clothes that fit our body types-even if parts of it are heading a bit south! The fashion industry is forgetting/ignoring a very profitable market for them. Is anyone really listening to us anymore? THANK YOU for talking about this problem in your blogs!!!

  • amanda says:

    Hear, hear Sandy, We are a wide spread demographic with a lot of cash, it is indeed hard to imagine why no one is interested in making it easy for us to part with it, clothes wise! A

  • sally says:

    Wonderful, embracing. What beautiful images, bringing so much dignity and elegant confidence to the page, to the products. More, bring it on. Thank you WRB

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