Trend Alert: Midi Skirts

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Banish all thoughts of the 70’s and bad memories of A line denim skirts with giant wooden wedges and super skinny ribs sweaters, the midi skirt is back, but not as you know it. The new midi is sophisticated and contemporary and once you have learned to embrace it, any other length will immediately feel frumpy and wrong.

We all know anything shorter than knee length is verging on “rock chic” and the maxi has sadly gone the way of leggings and printed jersey tops – i.e.. if they sell them in Florence and Fred they are dead – so it is more than time we had a fashionable, but appropriate skirt length.

zara midi


Either just below the knee, or exactly mid calf, the midi can be slim and pencil like, softly A line, or a fuller dirndl shape.

As with any new trend the right footwear is crucial. As always I prefer a flat option, but realise there is a danger of looking a little “Miss Jean Brodie,” – tbh, I have never let that stop me – but a chunky heel (preferably with an ankle strap) works equally well.

The look we are going for here is school teacher meets everyones favourite aunt, but modern. Smart buttoned up shirts, boxy tops, high neck sweaters and simple white t shirts, worn with a midi length, pencil, box or knife pleated skirts are what we are looking for.

If you are unsure and not quite ready to go the whole hog, try a mid calf dress for the rest of the summer and work your way up to a skirt. Trust me by November you will be convinced and downloading episodes of Miss Marple for inspiration!

Whistles midi


Check out Zara and Whistles for the best new seasons selections far.


  • Ona says:

    Absolutely love the top three looks from Zara. Having not worn midi length skirts for about ten years I find the bulk of the skirt difficult especially when you’re quite short like I am. The narrow skirt and big jumper works much better and looks so contemporary. I also like the Whistles look of an A-line midi and a shorter (not crop!) top – again it’s all about getting the proportions right.

  • Jane says:

    On a you are so right – proportion is everything and done well its such a flattering look. I agree on the narrow skirt especially if one is short – like me

    J x

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