Me and my fashionable mum, with a bit of help from Jaeger

Jacquetta Wheeler and her mum, Tessa Codrington

Jacquetta Wheeler and her mum, Tessa Codrington

Is it me or -hold on tightly to something -are we grown up women actually becoming fashionable?

I’ve returned from my holidays to discover we are everywhere in the September editions of the glossies, it’s quite unnerving. Not only is there fashion editorial that appeals, due to the surge in simple, ageless modern classics (thank you Phoebe Philo for starting that trend off) but there are also more older models featuring in  the influential brand marketing campaigns.

We had a similar start to Spring 2014  with more older models featuring in editorial shoots, but now fashion brands seem to be waking up to us too. From Marks & Spencer doing chic ageless style in the Autograph campaign (a relief from the air-brushed celeb faces of the last few seasons) to Lanvin continuing its use of older women, to this lovely grown up take on mothers and daughters by Jaeger.

The Jaeger campaign features Jacquetta Wheeler and her mum the photographer Tessa Codrington, Jasmine Guinness and her mum Liz Casey and Jodie Kidd and her mum, the ex Hardy Amies model, Wendy. The aim is to celebrate women who have grown up wearing Jaeger, which is a properly grown up 130 years old itself this year, and who personify the brand’s values of heritage and British style.

I love how it subtly acknowledges how mothers influence their daughters in terms of fashion and style and how that continues throughout life. These three stylish mums re clearly still influencing their offspring on how to look wonderful ay any age.

There’s a charming video with everyone talking about what British style means to them and I can feel a bit of a girl-crush-moment coming on over Tessa Codrington, who sounds as stylish as she looks.

The campaign has been shot by the photographer Josh Olins (did everyone’s name have to begin with J?…), with both mums and daughters dressed in very good looking clothes from the Jaeger autumn 2014 collection.

Liz Casey and her daughter, the model Jasmine Guinness

Liz Casey and her daughter, the model Jasmine Guinness

I haven’t bought anything from Jaeger for a few seasons, due to things being a bit disappointing of late, but this campaign and insider news that ‘things have been happening’ make me optimistic. Lets hope some of the marketing campaign style gets applied to the (rather dull looking) website soon. The new collection isn’t online fully as yet, but it’s due any day and the look book looks promising so watch this space.

Was your mum a positive style influence on you?


Wendy and Jodie Kidd


  • Monix says:

    Good God no! My mother would never be my style icon…all Mrs Thatcher iron hair and girdles…love this season’s Jaeger, have my name down for the toffee coloured alpaca coat. Their basic trousers are always well cut and made of natural fibres.

  • Claire says:

    There’s a question! I think she was an influence. We both like red lipstick with no other make up and are both quite thrifty. The taste in clothes is totally different :we have abhorred each others clothes since I was seven .

  • Amanda says:

    Interesting! I think our mums must have some influence, even if it is to confirm what we do and don’t like. My mum was definitely an influence in that she taught me to sew an make my own clothes to experiment with different looks. And I know which coat you’re talking about Mon, lovely! A

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