How to wear: Culottes

Net A Porter culottes

Roksanda, Acne and See by Chloe

So culottes are a “thing” again and I’m not going to lie, this is a tricky one particularly if you are short like me. But there is a certain amount of liberation in a culotte and if you can get it right, you will find the combination of airiness (like a skirt) and ease (like a trouser) intoxicating – well perhaps thats too dramatic – but trust me they are really easy to wear.

The secret to successful culotte wearing is all about the length to shoe height ratio. Go too long and too high and we are talking comedy proportions – a little like the Acne image above – is it just me or does that look ridiculous? And too short and flat and we are looking at a middle-aged Akela –  scout pack leader not the woolf in Jungle Book!

The only way to get this look right is to go shopping with a couple of pairs of shoes and try things on. I was horrified when trying on the Top Shop pair below, when wearing Birkenstocks, but determined to make them work (I really do suffer in the name of fashion) I tried them on again with a pair of Hasbeens and they looked great.

If the thought of even entering a changing room horrifies you – aren’t they just the worst – order lots of pairs online and have a trying on session in the privacy of your own home. ASOS  (ignore all the super short shorts) and Net A Porter have the best selections depending on how much you want to spend.

Top Shop COS ASOS culottes

Top Shop, COS and ASOS



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