Daphne Guinness has an Evening in Space

And has sex with a pink alien – and quite frankly why not. The 47 year old (go Daphne) artist and heiress has released a mesmerising, if slightly insane music video directed by David LaChapelle

Evening in Space was produced by Tony Visconti and is the first single from Guinness’ upcoming debut album, which is due for release in September. The video features custom made costumes by many of Guinness’s favourite designers including Iris van Herpen and Noritaka Tatehana, alongside pieces from her own clothing collection.

Corny, catchy and utterly fabulous I just can’t stop watching it.


  • sarah says:

    I have secretly dreamed of being a star, a la Bowie all my life. I had thought I was now too old, but Daphne has given me new hope. Watch out world!
    Utterly bonkers and so much more fun than po faced teenage popsters.

  • Anne says:

    Weirdly wonderful!

  • Sara says:

    So kitsch and so fabulous!

  • Amanda says:

    Kate Bush meets Lady Gaga via David Bowie. Awesome. A

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