Comfortable underpinning, with Triumph’s Magic Wire

decorative braWe probably should be starting to talk about winter clothes this week, as that last Bank Holiday week is sort of the end of summer really, don’t you think? But I’m not ready for it yet, even as the temperature drops I’m still stubbornly holding on to bare legs and that summery mindset, but it wont be for long.

Instead, lets talk about nice bras and big boobs..

Normally we don’t really cover lingerie press shows we just can’t go to everything and nowhere does the age issue become more evident than when you’re faced with a range of flimsily beautiful underwear designed for pencil thin girls with no bottoms and bosoms that haven’t breast fed or suffered from cleavage-crinkle.

Having had three children – each one seemed to increase my bust size – and having probably eaten more cake than was good for me, I now find myself a fan of the more supportive style of underwear and all of my bras are underwired for support. Sadly, the days of wearing mirror sequined bras under chiffon shirts, as so beautifully shown above, are a thing of the past.

Anyone who wears an underwired bra will know that although the day usually starts well, by supper time, things are hurting a bit, with bits digging in, regardless of how well your bra fits (and I always get mine properly fitted). And if you’re a David Sedaris fan listen to how his reader’s cope with uncomfortable bras. Well, last week I was a sceptical audience member at the latest Triumph launch, the Magic Wire bra.It claimed -as they all do – that it was a new supportive bra that could cope with bigger boobs -up to an f cup in fact- and yet was wire-less, could it be a comfy compromise?

Well here’s the thing, It is. I’ve had my 34D version on for two days of hard wear (including jigging about at the Kate Bush concert) and it’s very comfortable indeed. Instead of the semi circle of ridged wire, this bra has a much more friendly soft silicone structure, plus a mesh stabiliser support system all built into the bra and it’s very gentle on the skin. The bigger cup sizes have nice wide satin straps and a wider back hook fixture, but they are still lovely to look at. The V front is also lower than usual for an underwire bra, so we’re still talking ‘sexy’, should the need arise…

I’m surprisingly thrilled with mine, you forget how uncomfortable bras can get until you find a nice one. They aren’t desperately pricy – around £36 -and I urge you to have a look when you’re next in a Triumph store, if you are an underwire wearer, you might find this makes your still sunny-ish, late summer day.

magic wire bra
Check out the two Magic Wire styles on the Triumph website here, but TBH the website doesn’t really show you how good they are inside, so try and visit your local stockist.


  • Sarah says:

    Ooh, they look good! I am partial to a Triumph bra and find their wired Amourette ones pretty and comfortable, so I’m deffo going to check those out. Thanks for drawing my attention to them!

  • Deborah says:

    Eh, why the limit in sizing? I’m a 42C, buy Triumph when they have a range that suits, as I like the quality and fit, but nothing on their website for me in this range and that’s not uncommon for most manufacturers and stores. There seems to be an assumption that over a size 40 you have a cup size of DD and above! Love what I see, but I can’t buy what Triumph don’t sell can I?

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