Artisan Drinks by Lindy Wildsmith

san drinks

This lovely new book on artisan drinks by Lindy Wildsmith will appeal to anyone who (like me) has a jug of damson gin on the go in the garage or see’s an elderflower tree in full bloom and thinks ‘hmm, I’ll just nip and get my scissors so we can make some cordial out of that’. You know who you are.

We’ve been talking cocktails with you this year, but this is a whole book on the subject of how to make good ones from scratch, and more.

This whole ‘local ingredients’ trend is spreading to drinks, hence all those artisan gin and beer companies springing up everywhere. This book takes the pleasure of foraging and harvesting local ingredients and shows you how to create delicious things to drink, from cordials to liqueurs, cocktails to wine. It’s a fab read.

I often give away the many books we are sent from publishers to friends and family to enjoy. It might tell you how well suited this book is to me when you know that I’m keeping this one. Now, excuse me I’m off to make Nocine, Italian walnut liqueur with some spare wet walnuts…!

Buy here Artisan Drinks: Delicious alcoholic and soft drinks to make at home

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