Lanvin: I Love You by Alber Elbaz


I’ve spent more of my adult life looking at windows than is good for a girl. It’s actually something I get paid for. And before you say ‘cushy number that’, I have to look at all windows and there are many, many bad ones. Which is why Lanvin, under the guidance of designer Alber Elbaz, is always a joy to look at, because Mr Elbaz is VERY good at making windows.

He uses humour, style, wit and charm to create stories out of his clothes and mannequins that are unique. I will go out of my way to look at the Lanvin windows on Mount Street, in fact I instagrammed the recent ‘Happy 125th Birthday’ ones, below, because they were so good.

So visual merchandisers and other window admirers will be thrilled to know that Mr Elbaz has brought out a book celebrating his favourite window designs, including the stories around each of them. It’s a niche market, but those who understand will love this lavish book. It’s certainly one for the VM library. Buy here. Lanvin: I Love You

There was a good interview with Mr Elbaz by Laura Craik recently, if you want to know more.  



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