Stationery seduction with Martha Stewart: Home Office is launched through Staples

Break out the bunting again, Martha Stewart has arrived in the UK at last!

You know we love craft-queen Martha; ever since we were seduced by the beautiful images in her Martha Stewart Living magazines in the early 90s, we’ve wanted to live like her (minus the jail stint, obvs) in amazing houses with perfectly styled rooms and delicious food (I think you need high levels of staff for the complete look but whatever). The magazine is a shadow of its former self, but we’re still fans of the website and her burgeoning product ranges of all things interiors, which until now have only been available in the US. Imagine our excitement then, when the nice people at Staples invited us along to Martha’s Home Office product launch- stationery and Martha in one happy combination!

Although you may wonder why the range is in Staples (because it’s already with it in the US) do not fret as the quality is fabulous (including the paper which is good for fountain pens, stationery nerds) having been developed with Avery. It’s like the love child of Lakeland and Liberty’s stationery department. I was close to swooning when I ran my fingers over the hardback, shagreen textured journal cover.

I think the large premium journal is good value at £14.99 (as will anyone else familiar with quality note book prices) but the smaller ones start at £5.99 and all come with handy hints from Martha at the back including how to fold a napkin into a lotus flower…yep, you NEVER know when tips on origami-ing your serviette may come in handy on the go.

Seriously, the range is awesomely good: chalkboard sticky labels! labels with elastic bands seamlessly melded on! transparent wall mount pockets for photos and recipes! Is it any wonder we think she’s a domestic genius? Label prices start from a couple of quid, this is a cheap, quality thrill ladies.

The even better news is that everything is available on line fromStaples from today, get a cup of tea and treat yourself to a glance through the (extensive- the labels alone will take ten minutes) range.

The shagreen finish notebooks are fabulous….

Pretty but tough sticky labels and note tabs.

These elastic labels are frankly, genius. They come in a few sizes.

Modular stackable desk tidy for organised desks, above and brown sticky labels below.

The chalkboard sticky labels are another master stroke, and I think the aluminium ones might be jolly useful.



  • At last! Now I just need the self control to not order one of everything…..well maybe two notebooks and several packs of those elastic label thingys…. GG

  • justine says:

    Oh I have such martha love! my husband mutters ‘she was in jail’ everytime I go on about how I wish I could keep my cupboards organised like she does, off to check out staples website, thanks guys!

  • Lilac says:

    Martha rocks, breaks rocks, whatever. Her personal foibles aside, I love her website and products, so covetable.

  • Jo says:

    Are they only available online or are they also available in store?

  • Anna says:

    Am straight off to get some of those chalkboard labels and the elastic bands – I love things that make me feel as though my life could be more organised (it never will be but it feels so good to buy gadgets that offer the potential to be in control).

  • Amanda says:

    Jo the range is also available in the Staples stores, I am glad you are all excited about this, it’s not just us then……A

  • I saw, I went, I bought and bought! I’m a sucker for a sticker and pretty post its. My local Staples stocked the whole range and I went to wallow. GG

  • I know it sounds a bit sad but I have a real thing about stationary, it needs to be just right! I must say Staples range is usually the best, it looks like they’ve got some new stuff there too so must check it out!

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