Giftwrapped by Jane Means


As an experienced gift wrapper and stationery geek, I feel well qualified to talk on this subject.

Despite dedication to the cause, I am never quite happy with my wrapping creations, always falling short of what Martha (Stewart, my all round domestic hero, aside from the jail-bird adventure) would expect. So I was interested to get a copy of Jane Means Giftwrapped book and discover her excellent website of wrapping essentials such as coordinating ribbons, trims and papers. Jane covers the basics very well, offers good advice on colour and print coordination and shows you how to pleat paper in a way that will be the talk of Christmas. A good book for beginner wrappers. Buy here. Giftwrapped: Practical and Inventive Ideas for All Occasions and Celebrations

Even more interesting than discovering the book and website store, I notice that Jane does courses on gift wrapping too, which are extremely popular. I suspect this might be an ideal present for a wrapping geek (and I know plenty of those).


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