Gap, Sofia Coppola and the Christmas ad

I’m running slightly behind this week, so until I get my act together later today and while we’re on the subject of brand festive marketing, take a look at this new Christmas Gap advert, directed by Sofia Coppola. Do you remember the Dress Normal campaign from Gap we told you about back here, using some excellent older models such as Angelica Huston? Well, although there are no famous older models in the Christmas campaign, older women do feature (hold onto your hats here people…) as sexy and desirable TO YOUNG MEN.

This might seem a small thing, but really it’s quite big. Often older women/younger men in adverts such as this would be treated as a parody, the young lad probably being drunk, or the older woman as a man-eating cougar. But this is more gentle, more normal looking and rather celebrates the entirely feasible point that the grown up woman -both of them actually- look gorgeous. Good one Gap. And Sofia. What do you think?

ps thanks to the lovely Rachel from Fashion & Mash for bringing this to my attention.


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