Christmas ads: What do we think?

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the annual slew of festive adverts, as every year they get increasingly more lavish, sentimental and even controversatial.

Does this ad by Debenhams titled “Found it” sum up the value of Christmas – the season of giving and goodwill to all men – I don’t think so.

Come on Debenhams – allowing a group of children to run riot in a department store, really is that what Christmas is all about?

What do you think?


  • Peggy says:

    A nice seasonal antidote to this blatant ad is the movie “What would Jesus buy?” by Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir. A lesson with a laugh.

    Every year it gets worse and further away from the real reason for celebrating. I am tired of being told what and when to buy and that it has meaning.

    I will make or bake this year. Sorry guys…

  • Gillian. Byrne says:

    So over the competition for the most schmaltz. Makes me not want to shop with these try-hardship with multi million pound advertising budgets. Wouldn’t it be great if these retailers could rely on customers shopping with them because if their product, service, reputation that they have built up all year long and donate the advertising budget money instead?

  • Belinda says:

    Ugh. All those smug children AND the Frog Chorus. Debenhams will get nothing from this household…

  • steffi says:

    Debenhams clearly not in touch with what’s real and what matters – whereas we have wonderful WONDERFUL local initiatives promoting small businesses and reflecting our rebound to local businesses and corner shops, we also have totally out of date and out of touch campaigns such as this one. Times are a changing, Debenhams – sack your PR/Advertising Agency! Feel the shame.

  • Jane says:

    Absoloutely Stef, we also have local initiatives to encourage people to buy frorm independents. I would much rather shop in my neighbourhood than at these faceless big out of touch dept stores
    J x

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