Weekend Woman, Wendy Dagworthy

Professor Wendy Dagworthy, image via 1Granary.com

Professor Wendy Dagworthy, image via 1Granary.com

Both Jane and I and anyone else who has ever come across her, loves Wendy Dagworthy. Head of the RCA MA fashion course from 1998 until this year, her blend of future-vision and up-beat optimism never fails to inspire any conversation and combined with her wonderful sense of style, she’s inevitably become another one of our girl-crushes. When I’ve spoken to her and asked where she got whatever it is she’s wearing, its often been made by one of her students. Her silver bangles -all bought over the years by her husband John- are her trademark.

She retired this year from her RCA post, and intends to travel apparently.We sincerely hope she pops up somewhere to continue her influence. She featured on Desert Island Discs this week and anyone interested in clothes should giver her a listen for tips on style and life in general. Listen again here.

Image from 1Granary

ps, just a superficial aside, but doesn’t silver look fabulous with grey hair?

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