John Lewis Penguins get their knit on with Wool & The Gang

fitting6I’m sure by now everyone has seen the heart warming John Lewis advert Amanda posted about last week – it’s definitely our favourite so far. If you have also visited the John Lewis on Oxford St you will have come across the woollen wonderland by one of our favourite knitwear companies Wool and the Gang.

After Wool and the Gangs Knit Kits were featured in John Lewis’s top 100 gift guide, Emma Davidge –  who is a responsible for JL’s Christmas visual merchandising – asked the team to come up with a range of knitwear for the Monty and Mabel, the penguins featured in the advert.

The Gang Members created  Zion Lion hats, super soft scarves and snoods, and unique festive versions of their favourite chunky jumpers using their  Crazy, Sexy, Wool and  chunky 25mm needles.




JohnLewisPics_5Check out Wool and the Gang for great Christmas gift ideas for the crafty people in your life.



  • Becky says:

    Mmmm – I’m a bit mystified by all this attention for Wool and the Gang – don’t get me wrong, their packaging is lovely and their style is nice, but there are much better designs out there available for knitters, much more stylish knits and interesting shapes. Is the appeal that they are so basic that anyone could knit them ? or is it the styling and the merchandising ? As a knitter of over 20 years, I’m puzzled by focus on this company when there are so many fabulous knitters, designers, spinners and dyers out there who get zero attention from mainstream stores. I feel that this is an exercise in PR, just my opinion.

  • Jane says:

    I think they are great Becky but know nothing about any other knitters (as I am not one – despite doing a BA in fashion knitwear). For me their appeal is definitely the simplicity of their patterns and the fact that their designs are contemporary rather than craft. Would love to know about other companies though? Jx

  • Sue says:

    I think I love their designs because they are so simple, too. I always used to like Shirin Guild knitwear for this reason aswell (when I used to have that sort of money to spend on clothes, that is). Often knitwear designers cannot resist gussying things up, which I find a bit off putting. Very tempted to have a go at a WATG sweater this winter.

  • Amanda says:

    I love them because they give easy access to knitting for a generation that didn’t learn to knit. As J says, the designs are cool, this might attract new knitters more effectively than a trip to the haberdashery department Ax

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