Black and White Benetton, vintage 80s sweaters.

benetton_winter_sweatersDo you remember, back in the day, when Benetton was the coolest knitwear brand on the planet? Readers under 30 may struggle with this thought. All those fabulous colours, that grounded breaking advertising, those brightly hued polo shirts and all that Italian style. We all fell for Benetton about the same time we all discovered Tuscany and proper olive oil and found that Parmesan cheese started life as actual proper cheese and was not always grated yellow dust that smelled a bit like sick.

Benetton still does great product (I love its colourful printed summer shirts) but I’m bringing this little range of vintage knitwear to your attention because it is really lovely. Created around original archived styles from 1983, the three jacquard knit , ski-inspired styles have been made exactly as original, but in an upgraded super-lux Italian cashmere mix. I saw and felt them this week and really liked them. They are deliciously light and soft, with a timeless quality to them that makes you wish Benetton would do more of this type of vintage reissuse. The three sweaters even have the old-style label too, which is charmingly retro.

benetton_black_and_white_jumpersI’m writing about them a little late in the season so you may have to dig around to find them, but they are worth rummaging for. Also good value at around £80.

benetton_black_and_white_sweaterThey are not showing on the Benetton website, but that might just be me…keep an eye out for them in your local store.




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