Weekend Woman: Twiggy

Twiggy wearing one of her SS 2015 styles

Twiggy wearing some of her M&S SS 2015 styles

Another week in 2015, another stylish woman who happens to be older than the average model is selected to front a major brand campaign.

This week it’s Twiggy, who is the new L’Oreal ambassador for hair care. We’ve loved Twiggy ever since we had afternoon tea with her back here and discovered she properly sews and knits and even used to take her knitting machine on long haul flights to pass the time.

Twiggy became a household name in the 60s at the height of the Women’s Lib movement and became linked to a new female freedom (with a small F, obvs) around fashion. Out went stifling corsets and ‘done’ hair and in came a freer, easier version of being female with a more androgynous charm and fewer conforming rules. In the week where No More Page Three successfully got The Sun to give up its naked women, it seems quite appropriate that Twiggy is back helping to break more barriers down over age.

She still has her Twiggy for M&S range, which is sold on line, the spring collection launches on 19th March. If you want to check out how good she is still looking then there will be a pop up shop in the Marble Arch M&S for the launch, where she will be offering styling advice to all.

Who do you think will be the next stylish older women selected to front a brand? We certainly aren’t finished yet….

twiggy-Some of our favourite Twiggy shots from the 60s and 70s, both images from They Roared Vintage




  • Rebecca says:

    Slight side note: THE SUN GAVE UP PAGE THREE? Thank you for that info–I had to search twice to find a tiny snippet about that fact on the NYTimes website. I think that is a big deal, and I’m delighted to hear it. Thanks for sharing the news with readers on this side of the Atlantic!

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