The BAFTAS: Older stye icons

Baftas_2015_older women _style_The Womens RoomA recent interview in the Guardian with Patricia Arquette, features her thoughts on Hollywood, feminism and ageing in relation to her part in the wonderful film Boyhood where she was required to age naturally over 12 years for her role as a single mother from Texas. She talks about how director Rick Linklater was brave to feature a 46-year-old woman doing ordinary things such as reading papers and complaining about plumbing, as most studios “would say that audiences don’t want to see that”.

She also comments on how “there really is a lot of pressure on actresses to look a strange and unrealistic way. You’re not supposed to age. You’re supposed to be perpetually incredibly attractive because that’s the way the movie world is. You might be 50 but you need to talk 35. Frankly, there is no shorter shelf life, other than that of a child actor, than that of the ingenue”.

Patricia Arquette (Yes Stephen Fry it’s Patrica not Roseanna – thats her sister!) won best supporting actress last night and looked like a fabulously natural 46 year old and along with Kristen Scott Thomas, Julianne Moore and Julie Walters managed to prove that older doesn’t have to mean fake and freaky.

If you haven’t seen Boyhood – do – as it’s amazing – and particularly poignant if you have teenagers.



  • sarah says:

    They all look terrific, but I am really impressed by Julie Walter’s stunning outfit. For an actress whose USP has not been her looks, she shows that full length sparkle does not have to look trashy. The matching bangles (and hair) are a fantastic idea and her fabulous posture is an inspiration. Unlike Madonna………

  • Sarah says:

    Another Sarah here – and couldn’t agree more with my fellow-named. Julie Walters won my award (bet she’ll be thrilled!) for best dress/look – her hair, earrings and bangle were spot on with that amazing dress. I love Madonna, she pushes boundaries, she makes us think about what is possible, not just what society thinks is possible for women, but, or should I say butt…

  • Jane says:

    I agree – JW gets my best dressed vote too – as for MDNA, don’t get me started!!


  • Osnat says:

    Patricia Asrquette wins my vote but that’s because I loved her so much in Boyhood and love how she really doesn’t toe the Hollywood line like most actresses of her age. She doesn’t diet, doesn’t do Botox and just relies on her incredible talent that has matured over the years. Watch her in the last two seasons of Boardwalk Empire she is great there too.
    And Annie Lenox was also fantastic yesterday performing with Hozier…she really rocked the place…and again not needing any superfluous accessories, just her and her incredible voice and spirit!

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