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image Norman Jean Roy, New York Magazine

If there was a God and she happened to be female, then surely she’d look like Joni Mitchell in last weeks New York Magazine? Although would God be able to afford Lanvin, which is what Joni is wearing in the above image? The necklace is Elsa Peretti for Tiffany.

Joni was on the blog recently due to her being part of the wave of stylish older women featuring on brand advertising campaigns this year…Saint Laurent snapped her up, you may remember, an inspired move, since her 70s folk vibe is a natural fit with this season’s fashion obsession with that decade. I remember the 70s as very much a style free zone in my life, but I suppose we should be grateful it’s not the 60s again.

The interview in the New York magazine is a great read for Joni fans and anyone not wanting to age predictably, or to do what others expect of them as they age. She’s is unwilling to be manipulated into what we expect her to be and is forging a new creative path, despite being inflicted with illness. She gives the music industry and its money grabbing execs short shrift, as perhaps only an older star who is not afraid of what it might do to her career can. She’s kinder about her recent involvement with Hedi Slimane and his clothes for Saint Laurent…

 “Not innovative, but really good to wear, the kinds of things I’ve worn at one time or another in my life,” she says, back when “I wore the model-size 8. Well, I’m a 10 now. You know, I’m spreading. He did shoot me in very harsh light,” she confides. “But we haven’t had any complaints about it. Maybe it was even good for the culture. Who knows? A 71-year-old ­fashion model with overt wrinkles because of the bad light.”


image Norman Jean Roy, New York Magazine

In these two images (above and below) she’s wearing her own Issey Miyake coat and the same Elsa Peretti necklaces.

Although not sure God would be a smoker?


image Norman Jean Roy, New York Magazine

Read the whole interview here, and Joni has a new box set out, Love Has Many Faces, A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting to Be Danced, which you can buy here


  • Belinda says:

    Classic smokers’ wrinkles all around her mouth and eyes! Lovely photos though, although I must confess to never ‘getting’ Joni. Like the Beatles. I am just too young…

  • Dinah Hall says:

    Listen to one track – A Case of You – then you’ll get her!

  • amanda says:

    Or the whole of The Hissing of Summer Lawns……x

  • Jane says:

    I love these images – but agree with Belinda, like the Beatles – or in fact most other 60s music – her music just depresses me slightly. I feel like thats my parents generations music. But I wouldn’t mind if God looked like this.
    J x

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