Have I Said Too Much? by Carole White


Fessing up, I haven’y read this yet, but I bet it’s fabulous. You may remember we interviewed Carole back here, where she was extremely entertaining and very candid on the state of the fashion model industry. She has run her model agency Premier -one of the most successful in the business)- since 1981, with excess shouting and cursing (she is a confessed ‘over-swearer’), ship loads of cigarettes and much humour. We loved her when we met her and were  keen fans of the TV programme The Model Agency (when’s the second series please?)

If the book is half as entertaining as Carole is in real life, it’ll be a cracking read. Also I totally LOVE the title and the fag-in-hand image on the cover.

Buy here to cheer up February.

Have I Said Too Much?: My Life In and Out of The Model Agency

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