Flowers for Mothers Day


My love of flowers has been passed on by my mum who has always been a keen flower arranger. I always have various bunch of different coloured blooms all over my house (in more haphazard bunches than my mum) and don’t feel right if I don’t buy flowers at least once a week.

Flowers are the perfect gift especially on Mothers day, but there is always the risk that they will not be quite as fabulous as they look on the website when they arrive. One of my failsafe flower delivery companies who never let me down are Appleyard. They have a lovely selection of different hand tied bunches and seasonal flowers for different occasions and a great next day service,  just in case (God forbid) you should forget its Mothers day next Sunday.

Check out their Mothers day selection which are very reasonably priced from £29.99 upwards.

They have very kindly offered our readers 40% off their range of luxury bouquets, (it doesn’t include the flowers by post range) The discount code is BLOG40.


  • JennyK says:

    Hi Jane and Amanda, I have just ordered a gorgeous bouquet for my mother in law from Apptletree, so thought this was the ideal time to say thank you. Your blog is stylish, warm and witty and one of my favourite reads and I didn’t want to lurk forever without saying how much I enjoy ‘the room’. Thank you!

  • Jane says:

    Thanks Jenny thats lovely to hear

    J x

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