Perfume review: Ostara by Penhaligons, the perfect Mothers Day perfume


Another divinely packaged fragrance from Penhaligon’s, (read here for more), this time featuring a laser cut wrap of daffodils running charmingly all around the box of the new Ostara perfume. I have this in front of me as I write and it really is a pretty thing, and as you lift off the top of the box, the perfume nestles in a pearly green base, as if it was growing in a meadow of grass.

It has an equally lovely smell, with hints of narcissi and spring green-ness I find it very uplifting. It’s very easy to wear and it makes the perfect ‘end of winter fragrance’. if you’ve been deep into woody florals and wintery incense and need to update, can I suggest you take a hit of spring and try this?

Also, for London-based mothers, Penhaligon’s has teamed up with Clifton Nurseries (possibly the cutest garden centre in central London) to offer Ostara Mother’s Day Teas at The Quince Tree Cafe until the end of March, for £38 you can treat your mum to afternoon tea, with bubbly, a bunch of daffs and a sample of Ostara thrown in. There are also bespoke Ostara bouquets available to buy at £25 and anyone who visits Clifton Nurseries and tweets or instagrams using #bulbtobloom can pick up a sample of Ostara from the nursery staff. Sorted.

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  • Sarah says:

    I popped in and picked up a sample earlier and it is lovely, lovely, lovely! It is by Bertrand Duchaufour who created the (now discontinued but they still have some in stock) Amaranthine, which I also adore. I am sitting here in a haze of spring loveliness :-)

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