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Am I the last person in the world to get how nice the method brand of cleaning products is? We were invited to a trends day hosted by method and Abigail Ahern, where I was quietly impressed with how interesting the brand was, not something you expect to say about washing up liquid and floor polish.

It’s an American start up, by two guys who wanted to create good smelling cleaning products people would be proud to keep on their counters, rather than tuck them away out of sight. They are deadly serious about making great product too, there’s even a book…
Method Method, The

Being obsessed with smell, I slightly fell in love with the whole concept and have been evangelical about the almond smelling wood polish ever since. Other fragrances I’ve sniffed and liked are clementine, mint, pink grapefruit and eucalyptus There’s a ‘cut grass’ range we sampled (US only currently) which I may have to get American friends to send to me, it was so addicitve..

It made me think, do scent preferences change with age? Suzanne McCormick, method’s senior director of fragrance said not exactly. Apparently, all fragrance selection is personal, made up of memory connections whereby smell becomes like a photograph for your nose. So what ever your age, you’re going to pick smells that remind you of good memories that made you feel happy/safe/good.

Suzanne told us “It has always been incredibly important at method that our fragrances inspire an emotional connection – it is one of the pillars of our brand and the starting point for all method fragrances are items found in nature. Our fragrances start with the hook of a recognisable natural note, such as flowers or citrus, not ammonia or bleach. All of them smell gorgeous, evoke a different atmosphere and help to keep your home smelling natural, not of synthetic cleaning products which are often full of harmful toxin​s​’.

What new scent smell trends does she expect to see coming through over the next year, are fine fragrance trends influential? “I am always tracking fine fragrance to identify fragrance notes that might “trickle down” to become a suitable addition to the method portfolio” said Suzanne. Essence of Oud washing up liquid any one? (yes please).

More here if you are interested, and I’d start with the almond wood polish range….



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