We are in April’s Good Housekeeping!


If you have a copy of Good Housekeeping for April, turn to page 137, where we are on the Best Dress List…oh yeah…..

Actually, we are both a bit blithery about having our photo taken, but Jo Atkinson from the Good Housekeeping fashion team made us feel very relaxed and we ended up have fun. And you can read about how we were made to look half-way decent by Caroline Piasecki on our previous post here.

We’re wearing dresses here from Boden and Toast. Jane’s wearing the Boden printed shirt dress at £89 over her APC jeans. I’m wearing a Toast shirtdress which isn’t in store yet, but there are other lovely ones here.

Good Housekeeping is out now!


  • Sarah says:

    You both look great, what a treat to appear in GH, and be made up etc. Also, lovely to see and read about my favourite bloggers in a national mag.

  • Daniela says:

    Congratulations! You both look STUNNING!!

  • Amanda says:

    Thanks, they were a very nice shoot team at GH, we’ll probably never look so well turned out ever again…Ax

  • Carole Robb says:

    I’m not sure I recognise Jane, with the fluffy hair, prefer you with plaits

  • Jane says:

    Carol I HATE my hair in this – I had really lovely braids round my head which looked great but the editor didn’t like them. This is not my style at all tbh as anyone who knows me in real life will know!!!

    J x

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