Perfume review: fragrances for teenage boys update

victornoxA quick update on fragrances for both teenage boys and young men generally, I was drawn to these two smells from Victorinox, which owns the Swiss Army Knife brand. It’s the cute design of the bottles that attracted me, making the Swiss Army Classic Icon bottle open like the iconic pen knife is neat and I think rather appealing to teen boys and possibly a few girls. The Swiss Unlimited Energy bottle is no slouch in design terms either, with its carabiner clip on ring attachment, in case you were thinking of perhaps taking it up a mountain with you….Or strapping it to your gym-bag.

I worked both fragrances on my group of young male testers and the results were favourable, with an even split over which one they preferred. The Classic Icon is supposed to smell fresh, adventurous and ‘of Switzerland’, but really it’s a pine-spice with the tiniest hint of lavender to soften it. The Swiss Unlimited Energy is a sportier vibe, with a very slight hint of prunes (not in a bad way….) which I think must be due to the nutmeg. Either way, excellent additions to the ‘potential present for young men’ list. Buy below.

Swiss Army Icon by Victorinox Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml

Victorinox – Unlimited Energy Eau De Cologne Spray – 150ml/5oz


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  • Sarah says:

    Just ordered the icon one for my son (teenage birthday in a few weeks) – he spent his first few years in Switzerland so will love it, thanks!

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