Perfume review: Alaïa by Alaïa

Image of Mr Alaia, Patrick de Marchelier for Vogue

Image of Mr Alaia, Patrick de Marchelier for Vogue

It’s hard to believe this is Azzedine Alaïa’s first ever perfume in a world where every designer jumps on the money making fragrance bandwagon. But Alaïa isn’t your average designer, he doesn’t play by the rules and prefers to work in his own quiet way, shunning the fashion week schedules and showing at his own pace and avoiding the more ‘corporate’ side of fashion.

In an excellent summery of how this new fragrance came into being, Vogue’s Nicola Moulton discovered that words such as “marketing”, “consumer insight”, “market share” and “deadline” were banned from the round table discussions with the fragrance developer Marie Salamagne. I love him just a little bit more than ever for that. Read Nicola’s full review here

The perfume is a rounded, warm, sensual delight, with a blurry character that merges floral, musk and sweetness together without showing the seams, a bit like a beautifully constructed couture dress. It’s classy, I’d almost go as far as saying it has the makings of a classic, but what do I know? Try it, it’s available from Harrods until mid August then everywhere, from £42.00 for 30mls.

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