How to extend the life of your sundress


I saw this wonderfully dressed woman, above, on the train when it was hot and she looked immaculate despite the searing heat and being mid-commute on a London train.

She kindly allowed me to take her picture while I admired her neatly fitted white sleeveless shift dress and bold cobalt blue transparent organza shirt. The shirt was tied at the waist and the organza’s crispness lent the whole look a chic smartness and was a micro-master-class in how to do semi-sleeveless. She told me her entire outfit came from a charity shop. How fabulous is that?

So for this ‘not quite cardigan’ weather, I urge you all to hit your local thrifts to rummage for a crisp chiffon shirt to extend the life of your sundresses, Those with waists should definitely accentuate them with a neat knot, and those without will look just as chic with it worn untied.

For those with cash to spare, these lovely hammered silk cape-jacket-poncho-thingies from Jigsaw are interesting cover-ups to work over your sleeveless summer outfits. They have an arty boho vibe and add style to the plainest of sundresses. I’ve tried to figure out how to do-this-at-home from a large silk scarf, but it’s beyond me. Also they are currently in the sale in both the blue and burgundy (that colour again) versions.



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  • sally says:

    Love this idea…she looks great..also if, like me you’re now hosting a drape of flesh with seemingly no muscle connection under the upper arm, this is perfect too :D

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