Advanced Style: Men

Ari Seth Cohen from Advanced Style has turned his attention to older men in his latest film released last week on The fabulous peacocks of Manhattan are as unique,inspiring and a tiny bit barking mad as the women of Advanced Style.

It’s about time stylish older men had a chance to show off their style!


  • Mrs P says:

    Yep, they’re knockout. I love to see it. Just this morning Mr P was wondering what he’s supposed to wear now. He’s not quite as old as these chaps but he IS of a certain age and not quite the skinny art student he used to be. He works from home so lives in jeans and a grey T shirt, but if he is going out and wants to look slightly better dressed, current but remain fairly casual he doesn’t know what to put on. He’s feeling beyond jeans. But the choice seems to be either “look at me, aren’t I jolly” red or green chino type trousers or tailored suit trousers. In his ideal world, what he wants is something like very soft flannel in a comfortable cut. I think some older men find it just as difficult as some of us older women to find something that suits, fits but isn’t boring.

  • Sarah says:

    Those chaps are inspiring and entertaining in equal measure.

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