Dear Finery London, this has to stop……


Dear Finery London,

Look, we’re going to have to break off our relationship. I’m sorry but we just can’t go on like this. It’s not you, you’ve been wonderful, too wonderful in fact, it’s all my fault, I just can’t resist reading your emails and nipping onto your site at every available moment. And it’s breaking my bank balance.

After years of lonely searching for the perfect relationship with someone who understood my grown up styling needs and appreciated my quirky love of fabrics and off beat colours, we found each other and embarked on a madly passionate spending spree.It left me giddy with the feeling that I could never get enough of your fabulous product and the heady buying of satin T shirts, lurex sparkle knitwear and the prettiest sundresses cut to flatter my less-than-flat tummy.


But it’s all getting too much, things are getting out of hand. I thought I was in control, able to resist your charming photos and reasonable prices. But then along came your autumn launch email and I find I’m spending again. Soon all I’ll be able to think about will be when the next drop of gorgeous clothing will arrive and that’s just not a healthy way to be, is it? Before we know it Anne Robinson will be interviewing me for another round of Britain’s Spending Secrets on BBC2, and I’ll be shown up for the Finery-horder that I’m fast becoming.

I mean, how can I turn down the perfect blush-pink jersey T shirt top (15.00) that could go with all my navy blue (and you know how I love that colour) or the new and utterly charming embroidered Myron organza shirt in ochre that is so well priced at £65.00. And the shoes (£60.00)...the shoes

You know I have no will power, I sometimes wonder if you’re doing it on purpose, how else can you explain the Ivy embroidered shirt dress (£129.00… know full well I’ve been planning party outfits after all those Christmas in July events…)lacedress-finery-thewomensroomor the amazing Embleton leather coat? (£295.00) I mean, I didn’t even realise I liked leather coats until you showed me this one!


So lets’s just quit while we’re still friends, before everyone notices how much time we’re spending together and I get made bankrupt. We’ve made some lovely outfits, let’s just hold onto those memories and move on with our lives,

Right after I’ve bought the Olive satin top (£35.00) that’s the same as the navy one I bought (and wore to death) this summer. Just one more, can’t hurt, can it?



  • Deborah Chowney says:

    I love them too, but sadly from afar! I am a size 18, but they don’t cater for me, so I am a nearly customer.

  • sally says:

    I have the very same bug and they’re so beautifully made

  • Jane says:

    I’m disappointed with the fabrics and the cut. Love the styling and the idea of the brand in general but don’t find the quality stands up!
    I bought that gorgeous embroidered dress in rust and was so looking forward to it, but the collar stand was all wrong and the fabric too stiff. Shame but will keep peresevering.
    J x

  • Sue says:

    I’m sorry Amanda, I think I will have to disagree. I tried ordering a Marni-ish dress from them that you posted about earlier in the summer. But when it arrived the fabric was just really, really horrid. Such a pity as the print was fantastic. I wish they’d used a better fabric and charged half as much again for the dress. Maybe I should give them another go? the green dress looks so good.

  • Jane says:

    I agree Sue, I would rather pay a bit more and not be disappointed with the fabric. I commented as such when I sent my stuff back, but didn’t receive any feedback. I think if they are trying to appeal to a discerning customer they should take heed!!
    J x

  • Amanda says:

    My v neck satin top is gorgeous fabric, and it washes like a dream, and the lace dress is also lovely, My lurex top in ochre has been a fab evening jumper and always gets favourable comments. Perhaps I’ve been lucky with my choices, and of course only being online means it is a bit hit and miss, but I’m still an enthusiast Ax

  • Jude says:

    *whispers* don’t want to feed your addiction Amanda, but OTHER/shop in Kingly St now stock some of The Finery range. I’ve bought a few things from them, inc the lovely satin v-neck and wide leg trs which I’m really pleased with, but I’d much prefer to feel the fabric/try on before buying. So I’ll definitely be visiting this shop.

  • Jude says:

    Loved your letter to them, btw

  • sue evans says:

    I have managed to avoid succumbing to a purchase despite loving the lace shirtdress and the leather coat because like Deborah sizing is an issue and I think lots of TWR readers would appreciate the odd size 18 and less slim cut shapes.

  • Amanda says:

    Oh Jude, I wish you hadn’t told me that….and Sue I completely agree, how many times will we have to have this conversation that most women are over size 14? And that all women, regardless of size would like fashionable, stylish clothes?….I feel a blog post coming on…..x

  • Maria says:

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  • Tamara says:

    Are you sizes British or US? I am US size 14, is your size 16 corresponds to US 12?

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