Trend Alert: S/S 16 Maximalist



It’s fashion month (again) – which may or may not mean something to you, but for me it means I have been immersed in what we will or will not be wearing in summer 2016.

This season it’s the Italians who have been getting us fashion sorts excited, as their particular brand of over the top fashion has come into its own.

Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana have stood out – as they optimise the maximalist aesthetic that sums up the season by combining colour, print, pattern, decoration and fabulous accessories, to create bonkers, mix and match collections.



So here are the things you need to know – or in fashion speak, the key take aways from the most important (so far) collections of the season.

Gucci loafers are a ‘thing’. They cost a small fortune, but the soft buttery leather, gold snaffle and paper thin soles are the only shoes you need to have this season – wannabes (and I don’t mean vintage Patrick Cox) will not do!

Pleated skirts, preferably satin and in a strange colour are key – and they must be mid calf length and worn with your loafers.

Always carry a nan bag with you – over your arm like you are going to Bingo – ruck sacks and over the body/shoulder bags, no matter how practical, are out. This season is about embracing your inner queen (and I don’t mean Freddie Mercury).


Pussy cat bows are back (were they ever here?) as are blouses. We are talking Mrs Slocombe type styling here – the more flouncy the better.

Carmen Miranda style headscarves are key and if like me this was one of your best looks in the 80s you will be overjoyed –  for a second – until you try it in the privacy of your own home and find you look more Hilda Ogden than Peggy Guggenheim!


Huge ridiculous sunglasses are also a ‘thing’, the more glittery and jewelled the better. Remember big is most definitely better, the key word is maximal – see also earrings. Iris Apfel on acid is our style icon here.


Floral prints – again the bigger the better- are important. If you have any vintage dresses that still fit you (I can’t even get one leg in mine) from the 80s, they will be perfect with your headscarf and jewelled glasses and you can always use you nan bag to hit your partner with when he makes a “funny” comment.


And if you really want to achieve the maximalist look, check out the Dolce & Gabbana headphones a steal at £4,600. Yes you read that right. That’s four thousand actual pounds!!!!


Alternatively you can do what I will be doing and trawling vintage shops and the back of my wardrobe for a mish mash of bright colours, OTT prints and random huge accessories in an attempt to look eclectic in a fashionably, relevant way – nothing new there then!



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